2017 Mercedes C300 Sedan Specs and Price

2017 Mercedes C300 Sedan Specs and Price – In between SUVs that pull 1.00 g of side grip on the skidpad as well as sedans that strike 60 miles per hour as quickly as a Ferrari, the definition of a cars is under consistent danger. Modern tires, turbochargers, as well as transmissions mean all type of automobiles can currently execute like sports cars, but the form variable– lightweight, compact minimalism– is significantly undesirable. Take, for example, this 2017 Mercedes-Benz C-class sports car, a 3600-pound vehicle called a sporting activities coupe by its maker that drives more like a luxury car.

The new C-class sports car is a larger automobile than its predecessor, a relocation made as much for design as it is for interior area. Of the extra 3.1 inches between the wheels, 2.4 inches were inserted in between the firewall and also front axle. Compared to the auto it replaces, the brand-new C-class coupe shows up extra contemporary, a lot more meaningful, and also a lot more pricey.

2017 Mercedes C300 Sedan Specs and Price
2017 Mercedes C300 Sedan Specs and Price

Nonetheless eye-catching it is, the coupe isn’t as captivating as the C-class car where it’s acquired, at the very least to some of us. The two-door’s character line extends further over the back axle as well as remains flatter, to make sure that the coupe doesn’t have the slinking, reverse-wedge account that makes the four-door so unique.

2017 Mercedes C300 Sedan Redesign

Our 2017 Mercedes C300 Sedan examination auto came equipped with the optional Airmatic suspension with air springtimes as well as online adjustable dampers. The modern devices rides conveniently and deals with naturally, otherwise exactly nimbly. Don’t error that for a complete endorsement, however. The air suspension will include regarding $1200 to the price, and its chief benefit– the ability to level the ride elevation based upon how weight is dispersed in the cars and truck– is of restricted worth in a lorry that will not tow or haul far more than 150 pounds’ worth of children in the rear. The sloping roofline won’t accommodate adults in the rear, but as for rear-seat space in two-door vehicles goes, the C-class sports car is rather charitable.

2017 Mercedes C300 Sedan Interior
2017 Mercedes C300 Sedan Interior

The 2017 Mercedes C300 Sedan principal marketing factor is its perfectly designed and highly designated cabin. Passengers are spoiled with superb seats, elegant trim, and top-drawer fit and also coating. Sadly, Mercedes’ COMAND infotainment system intimidates to ruin points, as it’s harder to use than the competition’s offerings. The click wheel requires puzzling combinations of pushes, presses, and scrolls to browse the menus and also the touchpad typically registers unintended faucets. At this moment, Mercedes-Benz would be important to embrace the standard control and also menu scheme that BMW’s iDrive and also Audi’s MMI have established as the de facto sector criterion.

2017 Mercedes C300 Sedan Engine

A 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder pairs with either rear-wheel drive or 4MATIC four-wheel drive. Resonances are restrained and also the soundtrack is restrained as well as refined. But it does not rev with much interest and also feels slower than its rated 241 horsepower and also 273 lb-ft of torque. Like its four-door brother or sister, we anticipate the 2017 Mercedes C300 Sedan coupe to be a couple of tenths behind its quickest competition with a forecasted zero-to-60 time of simply over six secs.

The 2017 Mercedes C300 Sedan will certainly introduce in spring of 2016 with a seven-speed automatic, however that gearbox is merely a bandage up until a brand-new nine-speed device changes it a year later. The seven-speed transmission times its shifts wisely, yet throughout full-throttle kickdowns, gearchanges are slower compared to those of the eight-speed automatic BMW prefers. We have not tasted the nine-speed in this automobile, so we can not state whether the 2018-model-year C300 will certainly heal that disorder.

Both the seven- and also nine-speed transmissions are capable of a fuel-saving “sailing” function where, to minimize friction in both Eco and also Comfort modes, the engine detaches from the driveline while the lorry is coasting. Whereas Porsche’s dual-clutch PDK transmission accomplishes the same point by opening up the relevant clutch, Mercedes’ torque-converter automatics either open up the lock-up clutch or move the transmission right into neutral, relying on the vehicle rate. The compromise for the little fuel-economy gain places a subtle hiccup in the throttle action as the transmission re-meshes with the engine. If it irritates you, understand that the sailing feature is shut off in Sport as well as Sport+ settings.

2017 Mercedes C300 Sedan Price

Mercedes will certainly provide 8 different engine choices for the C-class sports car in Europe, and yet the firm will not divulge exactly what will load the yawning void in price and also efficiency between this circa-$39,500 2017 Mercedes C300 Sedan and also the $70,000 AMG C63 design right here in the United States. At a minimum, a C450 AMG Sport coupe appears like an apparent and necessary enhancement. If the C450 AMG Sport car is any type of indication, a two-door with the exact same powertrain and a comparable chassis configuration would certainly meet our efficiency assumptions for a sporting activities coupe. The C300 makes for a nice deluxe sports car, but if it’s sporting activity you’re after, there are a lot of more enjoyable $40,000 two-doors available.

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